Assignment of Warranties :
انتقال وارانتی ها:

یکی از موارد مهم در قراردادهای ای پی سی در هنگام اتمام کار پیمانکار، انتقال وارانتی های دریافت شده پیمانکار از پیمانکارهای فرعی و فروشندگان تجهیزات به کارفرما و متعاقبا به اشخاص بعد از او می باشد.

در زیر نمونه ای از این شرط قراردادی از یک قرارداد ای پی سی و موارد مرتبط با Warranty Claims و قابلیت استناد پیمانکار به انها حتی بعد از انتقال وارانتی ها اورده شده است 👇 

As of the Closing Date (or Outside Completion Date, if earlier), Contractor shall assign to Owner or its designee all warranties received by it from Subcontractors and Vendors. 

The warranties of Contractor under this Agreement and all warranties from Subcontractors and Vendors (including any assignments of such warranties) must also allow Owner to further assign such warranties.

Notwithstanding the assignment, in the event that Owner makes any warranty claim against Contractor with respect to Equipment or services supplied in whole or in part by any Subcontractor or Vendor, and Contractor fulfills its obligations with respect to such claim by Owner, Contractor shall be entitled to enforce for its own benefit any warranty given by such Subcontractor or Vendor with respect to such Equipment and services.