Spearin Doctrine :
دکترین اسپیرین :

دکترین اسپیرین که به پرونده ای در سال ١٩١٨ بر می گردد به طور خلاصه بیان می دارد که کارفرما مسئول هر گونه عیب در طراحی خود و اطلاعاتی می باشد که به پیمانکار ارایه داده است .

و پیمانکار در ارتباط با نواقص ناشی از عدم تکمیل بودن اطلاعات کارفرما مسئولیتی ندارد.

در متن زیر عین رای دیوان عالی کشور امریکاآورده شده است 👇

The Supreme Court wrote: "Where one agrees to do, for a fixed sum, a thing possible to be performed, he will not be excused or become entitled to additional compensation, because unforeseen difficulties are encountered. Thus one who undertakes to erect a structure upon a particular site, assumes ordinarily the risk of subsidence of the soil. But if the contractor is bound to build according to plans and specifications prepared by the owner, the contractor will not be responsible for the consequences of defects in the plans and specifications. This responsibility of the owner is not overcome by the usual clauses requiring builders to visit the site, to check the plans, and to inform themselves of the requirements of the work...the contractor should be relieved, if he was misled by erroneous statements in the specifications."